Our philosophy


While you are in Mexico City, we aim for you to see and feel the vibrant chaos, the cacophonic symphony of colors and sounds, the unending efforts of people to live full, creative lives and to resist pressures of all sorts to turn us all into docile, unquestioning sheep. We will not show you a rosy-colored exotic country, nor the paralyzing drama of helpless poverty — both of these are creations of the system and by no means describe what is happening.  Rather, we seek to expose you to a small part of the many-sided reality that is neither black nor white, neither evil nor good, always evolving, always alive.

We are interested in contributing to an encounter between you and what is going on around you, for you to go beyond the surface to the reality that is unseen or ignored by the media, and by the powerful.  Beyond the surface, real people find ways to survive and grow.  Here you may find great aggression or great warmth, but you will always find creativity.

In your time here, we hope you will perceive the ways that people live, so different from your own ways but made understandable by your guide. We hope you realize that there are also other ways to BE, in your own places of origin.

In all our places of origin, we can find people modifying their world, confronting challenges with creativity and imagination and resisting injustice – always alongside the simultaneous and painful history of divisions and violence between allies and friends. Our offer is to open a window for you to glimpse the specific experience of Mexico, very close to and yet very far from your own world.