Journeys Beyond the Surface

Private, customized tours of Mexico City, Oaxaca and Iran

Guided tours, beyond the surface ...

Travel to Mexico City, Oaxaca or Iran: go beyond the surface with private tours designed according to your interests and accompanied by exceptionally knowledgeable guides.

In these pandemic times, our guides follow the highest norms of safety and prevention, so that you can  visit this enormous city protected by the knowledge and support of your expert guide!

Mexico City

Contemporary art and muralism, prehispanic history, architecture, and much more.


Experience the city and nearby craft villages Experience the city and nearby craft villages


Small group tours, led by Journeys staff and local expert guides

We are a bridge

A secure way for you to explore your surroundings with a great  guide, including everything from historical and cultural sites, to street markets and graffiti… always with our accompaniment, support and highest level of health safety standards, to protect us all.

All our tours are private, just you and your guide.  We design the route together, according to your interests. The guide meets you at your hotel or home, at the starting time you choose. You can even modify the program, during the tour itself!  NOTE we do not do online bookings: please contact us to arrange a tour.

In Mexico City

  • Visit principal historical, artistic and cultural sites with an expert in anthropology, art, architecture and history.  Include city sites, Pyramids of Teotihuacan, nearby cities such as Puebla, Taxco, and even the Monarch Butterfly Reserve (winter only).
  • Our guides speak excellent English, accompany you at all times and inside all museums, are flexible to changes during the tour and never waste your time trying to get you to buy things.
  • Walk the streets, use public transport, learn how to navigate the city on your own. Visit markets and neighborhoods, get a sense of how common people live.
  • Take a cooking class with a woman from a low-income neighborhood or at the canals of Xochimilco: go to the market together, prepare a lunch of your choice and eat together!

In Oaxaca

  • Visit nearby villages, meet highest-quality artisans and receive demonstrations.  Note: these are guided visits to the homes of craftsmen, most of whom do not normally receive tourists. 
  • Have market and street food tours all around Oaxaca city.
  • Get to know the vibrant local art scene and activist art movements
  • Have a private cooking class or visit archeological sites with an expert.

In Iran

  • Join us in a small group (10  people or less) where you will have a Journeys Beyond the Surface tour leader AND  our own local English-speaking guide and van. Our local contact is licensed by the Iranian government and has decades of experience leading tours in Iran.  US, Canadian and British citizens welcome!
  • Visit cities such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tehran.  Possibly include visits to rural areas or tribal villages.
  • Visit historical and art sites in each place, but also get to know contemporary life by visiting food markets, trying street food, exploring public parks and other places where the local population spend their free time, with opportunities to interact with them and with translation support.  We aim to go beyond the surface in a safe and respectful way, everywhere we go!