Mexico City

We offer a variety of cultural and historical tours.  Below, please see a description of our services:

Customized Tours

Your private tour of Mexico City:  just you and your guide, going at your pace. We design your cultural tour together and guarantee you a superb guide. If your group is too large  for a car, we can also arrange for an excellent van and driver!  Without car, your tour is by foot and with public transport and/or taxis, always accompanied by your guide.

Before your arrival, we work together to discover your needs and interests. You are assigned an extremely knowledgeable guide, fluent in English, who will show you Mexican culture in the broadest sense: from prehispanic and contemporary history, art and muralism,  Pyramids of Teotihuacan, architecture, food markets and everyday life. You can even modify the tour plan while you are with your guide!

Prices for our 8-hour private tours range from USD$245 without car for a single traveler, to USD$765 for up to 18 people with  a van, driver and  guide for an 11-hour longer day trip to the Monarch Butterflies or Puebla or Taxco.  We can arrange for buses for larger groups.

Trip support

Get advice, maps, information and answers to your questions, before and during your trip.

Receive our recommendations, advice, information about things you can do on your own and support during your stay in the city. We make a draft program for your entire stay, which you can review and modify as many times as you like. Support is via email and a messenger service like WhatsApp.

NOTE: We do not do everything for you: our support is for people who are semi-independent and want extra support from a local reliable contact. Price varies from USD$30-$80, depending on group size and number of days you stay in the city.  

Longer daytrips​

These tours last 11 hours and take you to nearby cities such as:

    • Puebla, Cholula and Tonanzintla
    • Taxco with the Grutas de Cacahuamilpa, or with Xochicalco
    • Monarch Butterflies: From Feb, the Piedra Herrada Butterfly sanctuary and town of Valle de Bravo.
    • Cuernavaca 

Food and cooking​

In a home or in a family restaurant, includes walk around the neighborhood, go to market and then cook and eat together.

Evening activites

 3-4 hours in the evening, can include dinner.

    • Lucha Libre – private bilingual accompaniment, with stops before or after for snacks, tacos or drinks, 4-hour total.
    • Drive around, see the city at night, with stops arranged according to your interests: food or drink or public meeting spots (parks, plazas): 7-10 pm

Study Abroad visits to Mexico City

  • University groups – for professors bringing groups to study specific aspects of Mexico: we provide the local support to complement and facilitate your own program. This is the origin of our business, we first worked with university study abroad programs for 17 years before starting the private tour work!

  • Independent groups and individuals – For researchers or any person or group wanting to focus deeply on a particular issue, we can provide local logistical support and accompaniment, including translation.

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