Journeys with a Mexican market bag

Home = not-home

I have just returned from visiting my parents in Iran.  Spending these weeks in Shiraz where I grew up, is a complex experience for me. 

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After some years in Mexico City, I begin to recognize the particular seasons here – not just seasons of nature, but seasons of activity.  In

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Dia de Muertos

Visit Mixquic for Día de Muertos?  Not with us! I love love love Day of the Dead, it is my favorite Mexican festival and sums

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Our philosophy

While you are in Mexico City, we aim for you to see and feel the vibrant chaos, the cacophonic symphony of colors and sounds, the

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And so it begins…

I am happy and excited to start a new chapter, that of blogging.  Most posts will be short and sweet, like today’s.  But I warn

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