Our private tours in Oaxaca allow you to experience the cultural and gastronomic richness of this area. Whether walking through neighborhoods and food markets, or visiting artisan homes in surrounding villages, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the art and contemporary life of Oaxaca.  Below, please see more information on the types of tours we offer:

City Center

City center

On this 4 hour walking tour, in addition to tasting your way through 3 markets and a chocolate mill, we will view out-of-the-ordinary intricate handicrafts as well as receiving interesting explanations on Oaxacan village life, local traditions, history, gastronomy and more, thus giving you a connection to the local culture much deeper than you could expect!

Southwards villages

Visit artisan homes and workshops for demonstrations of black pottery, wood figurines, embroidery and back-strap loom weavings.  Opportunities for hands-on-experiences can be arranged.

Eastwards villages

From the Tule tree to a women’s weaving cooperative, lunch in the Tlacolula market and tastings at a mezcal distillery.

Westwards villages

Visit the beautiful CASA Center for the Arts, as well as incredible corn husk sculptors or cloth weavers

Contemporary and urban artists

Visit workshops of urban artists and print-making collectives, beyond the surface.

Custom routes

We can custom design a tour for your specific interests

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