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Library, UNAM campus

Library, UNAM campus

We are a bridge, a secure way to connect you to the services you want.

In Mexico City, all our collaborators are licensed tour guides, anthropologists or art historians, professionals who are warm hosts and speak excellent English.  They will accompany and guide you during the entire tour, and you will enter the museums we visit.


Palacio de Bellas Artes

Tours are available every day, all year.

With our regular tours, you get the service we are already well-known for on TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, National Geographic and other guide books.  The cost of a private tour includes your day trip and a one-time trip preparation fee, to help you with lodging suggestions and recommendations for your entire stay in the city.  This includes:

  • A plan for your whole time in Mexico City, which we develop together.

    Day of the Dead, UNAM campus

  • The flexibility to adjust your tours as needed, even on the day of the tour
  • Recommendations of other companies’ tours that may be of interest to you
  • Suggestions for hotels, markets and restaurants
  • Support at all times during your stay in Mexico City.

Bare bones tours are only for those who already have a specific tour in mind and only want that.  You don’t pay the trip prep fee, and I don’t answer any other questions or give any advice!  In this option, I spend much less time corresponding with you, and you save some money.

In Oaxaca, you have the opportunity to visit with contemporary  artists and traditional artisans, traditional healers, musicians and others in their homes and workshops in villages surrounding Oaxaca City.  In the city itself, our walking tours help you explore markets, food stands, handicrafts, venues for music and the arts, and more!

Centro Histórico, from the top of Torre Latino

Journeys Beyond the Surface is recommended in Lonely Planet’s Guides to Mexico,the National Geographic Traveler guide to Mexico (3rd Edition) and TripAdvisor, among others.

Churros, 24 hours a day!

Churros, 24 hours a day!