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Private Tours
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We can show you a slice of Mexico that you may not be able to see otherwise with our private tours. We want you to see and feel the vibrant chaos, the cacophonic symphony of colors and sounds, the unending efforts of people to live full, creative lives and to resist pressures of all sorts to turn us all into docile, unquestioning voters and consumers who don’t see what is going on under our noses. With our private tours, we will not show you a rosy-colored exotic country, nor the paralyzing drama of helpless poverty – both of these are creations of the system and by no means describe what is happening. Rather, our private tours seek to expose you to a small part of the many-sided reality that is neither black nor white, neither evil nor good, always evolving, always alive.

Virgen Guadalupe and predecessor, Tonantzin
Virgen Guadalupe and predecessor, Tonantzin

We are interested in contributing to an encounter between you and what is going on around you, on the surface that is unseen or ignored by the media, by television, by many people. This is the surface that finds a way to survive and even to grow. This surface is where you may find great aggression or great warmth, but where you will always find creativity.

In your time here, we hope you will begin (or build) a personal relationship with this place. Then, when you see and smell other ways that people live, so different from your own ways but somehow understandable, we hope your realize that there are also many ways to live in our places of origin. Seeing this with our private tours makes it more likely for us to try and shape our world in some way, instead of letting others shape it for us. The current dominant forces promote the vision that we cannot invent solutions, that we must leave matters in the hands of “experts,” that we need not question nor delve under the surface, nor create new ways of confronting our problems. But this is clearly contrary to human history, including Western history.

In all our places of origin, we can find specific cases of people modifying their world, confronting challenges with creativity and imagination and resisting injustice – always alongside the simultaneous and painful history of divisions and violence between allies and friends. Our offer is to open a window for you to glimpse the specific experience of parts of Mexico, very close to and yet very far from your own world. Write to us and we will begin to create your journey together.

Day of the Dead in the UNAM campus
Day of the Dead in the UNAM campus
Arte con alambre, Colonia Roma

Nosotros queremos mostrarle un pedacito de México que quizá no encontrará en otro lado. Queremos que vea y sienta el caos vibrante, la cacofonía sinfónica de colores y sonidos, los constantes esfuerzos de la gente para vivir plena y creativamente, resistiendo las presiones que nos quieren convertir en personas dóciles y fáciles de manejar.

No vamos a mostrarle un México exótico de tintes rosas, pero tampoco un drama paralizante de la extrema pobreza; ambos son creaciones de los poderosos que se benefician de ello, y de ningún modo describen lo que está sucediendo.

Más bien, queremos exponerle a una pequeña parte de la realidad que no es ni blanca ni negra, ni buena ni mala… sino que está siempre en evolución, siempre viva. En ésta realidad, la gente encuentra una manera de sobrevivir e incluso de crecer, a pesar de todas las barreras que se les pone.

Virgen Guadalupe and predecessor, Tonantzin
La Virgen de Guadalupe y su antecesora, Tonantzin


Aquí, como en todos lados, podemos encontrar a personas enfrentando retos con creatividad e imaginación y resistiendo injusticias, siempre junto a la simultánea y dolorosa historia de violencia y traición entre aliados y amigos. Nuestra oferta es abrir una ventana para que usted pueda vislumbrar las experiencias específicas de algunas partes de México; muy cerca y, a la vez, muy lejos de su propio mundo. Escríbanos y empezaremos a crear su recorrido, juntos.

Day of the Dead in the UNAM campus
Dia de los Muertos, en Ciudad Universitaria de la UNAM

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