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Our Oaxaca city tours let you experience the vibrant city center and surroundings  beyond the surface...



We give you insider access to Oaxaca’s food, markets, art and artisan villages. Besides receiving orientation to the city center that includes tips on restaurants, museums and activities, with Journeys you can also visit a small neighborhood market, a high quality artisan cooperative, special artist collectives and galleries and more on our Oaxaca city tours… shaped to meet your specific interests.
Visit Crafts VillaBordado-Trad-ges
Journeys connects you in a deep way to the  artisans in each village we visit… not limiting your visit to purchasing crafts – rather giving you a chance to meet the people, enter their homes and workshops, see them demonstrate their particular craft and even try your hand at methods that only seem easy when watching!

Millie barro
We will be visiting homes of exceptional artisans, not what you can view commonly in city center markets.
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