Mexico City tours

Our Mexico City tours last 8 hours for a full day, or 4 hours for a half day.  A full day is a much better deal — see section on Pricing for more details. All our tours are private, just you and your guide!

In this huge city, transport takes time.  8 hours may seem like a lot, but if you take a relaxed pace, have a leisurely lunch or snack breaks and take your time to see things, the hours will go fast — especially if you  hope to visit more than one part of town.

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Frida Kahlo house and garden

We work with you closely, to create an itinerary that covers your interests.  Whether you choose to try public transport or a private car, your guide will help you see and understand so much more than you thought possible.  Weaving information about past and present, culture and everyday life, you will go beyond the surface, to see and feel Mexico City intimately and deeply.

Our Mexico City tours can include principal tourist sights, such as the Centro Histórico, Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Palacio de Bellas Artes, Coyoacán, Xochimilco, Chapultepec Park and Museum of Anthropology, as well as lesser-known jewels such as the campus of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM), a UNESCO World Heritage site.

You can mix these with visits to street markets, food markets, street food, graffiti, urban art.

Mexico City’s subway system moves 5 million people per day!

Saturday Mexico City tours can include art and cultural markets that only happen on this day, such as Bazar Sábado in San Angel, Bazar del Chopo, and Plaza del Danzón.

We also organize cooking tours, where you spend the day with a woman from a low-income community, go to the market together, cook in her home, and eat together.