Tour prices and procedure

Centro Historico, Mexico City, Guided Tour

Birds-eye view of Centro Histórico via Guided Tour

Guided Tour prices are listed below: choose a full or half day.  A full day is a better deal, and allows for visiting different parts of the city, and having “down time” where we sit and relax or eat, as we continue discussing aspects of Mexico City that may be of interest to you.

Guided Tour prices – Total for up to 3 people, with pickup from centrally-located hotels or homes

  • Without car, full day: USD $215. Half day: USD$180.  $18 per extra hour.
  • With guide’s car, in Mexico City – full day: USD $270, half day: $230. $24 per extra hour.
  • With guide’s car, including Pyramids of Teotihuacan (an hour and half drive from the city, on toll roads): USD$ 280 for 8 hours and $24 per extra hour
  • A day trip to one of the following: Puebla, Taxco, Tula or Cuernavaca (each including nearby sites) costs USD$ 395 and generally lasts 11 hours.
  • A 4th person adds $20 to the guided tour cost.
  • We can also accomodate larger groups, with vans that fit from 5 to 18 people, or even a full size bus!  All prices with vehicle include gasoline, toll fees on the highway, and parking.
  • The price includes my support and the guide, and the vehicle if you have a tour with car/van.  Does not include public transport or taxi fares, nor entrance fees, food, or anything else.

Coyolxauhqui Stone, Templo Mayor

To secure a service, you pay a deposit per guided tour you want to reserve, this is partial payment on the tour. The remainder is payable in Mexican pesos only, calculated at the current exchange rate the day before the guided tour.

  • All tours are private: just you and your guide.  Full day lasts 8 hours, half day is 4 hours.  We try to figure out in advance what you want to see, but the day’s schedule is flexible; just let us know what you want.
  • All Journeys guides are extremely knowledgeable and speak excellent English.  They will never waste your time on taking you to exhibitions or stores where you are “suggested” to purchase, or to restaurants that pay them a commission, nor will they give you “free time” during the period you have contracted to have them guide you, nor cut your day short of 8 hours.  We are not the cheapest service, but our guides receive a fair day’s wage for their valuable knowledge and expertise. They are not interested in wasting your precious guided time, trying to make you buy things.
  • You can have a guided tour with or without car.  Without car, you walk and take public transport and the occasional taxi, together with your guide.
  • With our guides, you can have a guided tour focused on art, history, architecture, prehispanic, colonial and contemporary culture.  Or include other elements, like food and markets or general orientation on getting around in the city, including how to use public transport. Learn more about our Mexico City Tours