xochimilco english

Xochimilco is an area with canals in the southern extreme of Mexico City. It has been inhabited for thousands of years, but more recently settled since about 1000 years ago. The settlers developed and implemented an ingenious system to create agricultural land in this shallow freshwater lake, and the parcels of land they created are the famous “chinampas” which provided fertile soil for food production in this area and which was adopted very successfully by the Aztecs when they came to this region.

Still today the chinampas exist, and colorful boats go along the canals offering rides, food and drink to the families and friends who come to the area to celebrate. Program: Together with your bilingual hostess, you will explore the canal area on the traditional Xochimilco raft-boats and learn about the history of the area.  Then, to the local market and finally to cook and eat a tasty meal together!