santo domingo english

Santo Domingo de los Reyes is a low-income neighborhood in the most densely-populated neighborhood in the city!  It is in southern Mexico City, with a fascinating history of local organization and action when it was founded in 1971.  Santo Domingo is adjacent to the campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Note: your hostess only speaks Spanish, but there is a local young man who is available as excellent translator.

Program of Community interaction through cooking:   This experience takes about 5 hours.  We start at a previously-defined site near your hostess’s family-run restaurant. Together you go to the nearby market to purchase what you need to cook the meal. You will have a chance to walk around the whole market.  Ask lots of questions! Make sure you tell the señora if you do or don’t want meat – dairy – spicy – or whatever. In the market you can choose different fresh fruits that you would like to try, but please only choose as much as you will eat. Your hostess will pay for the bill at the market.  Of course you are welcome to buy more things yourself if you like. Then you go back and prepare the meal together, and eat! The fee includes the time of the señora who will be your hostess, the translator, and the food. Please note that this is not a cooking class. It is a way to experience everyday life in a low-income neighborhood, through the concrete activity of cooking and sharing a delicious meal.  The tour costs USD$95 for the first person and USD$45 per extra person thereafter, plus USD$55 if you want the translator who is also from Santo Domingo. The price includes a hearty lunch for all of you, alcohol not included. You can go by metro or take a taxi, or I can send someone to pick you up.